What is Your Country's Most Used Emoji on Twitter?

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As the world is circling the drain, the information we really need is which emojis are most tweeted in each country. Apparently, this past Sunday was World Emoji Day, which somehow justifies Twitter’s analysis of exactly that.

Anyways, check out the complete infographic (below) that compiles the most frequently used emojis per country, excluding the world’s top 10 emojis.

As you can see, the U.S. (predictably) is frazzled about the thought of Donald Trump as president, while countries such as France, Italy, Japan and South Korea are head-over-heels in love. South America is jamming, though, probably in anticipation of the Olympics, and Spain is flexing its muscles, because why not.

In other emoji-related news, an emoji movie titled EmojiMovie: Express Yourself will hit theaters in August of 2017. Goodbye, cruel world.

Find your country’s top-tweeted emoji below—click to enlarge.

emoji map.jpg