Nine Cool Things to Do With Your YouTube Account

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5. Get it to the Guggenheim

YouTube has teamed up with the Guggenheim museum of New York City to present YouTube Play, a competition to have original video featured in the Guggenheim as part of an exhibition on the modern medium of web video. For flip-cam operators whose sensibilities lean more towards the auteur than the grotesquely viral.

6. Listen to YouTube.

Maybe you want to sample Charlie the Unicorn in a sweet beat (Kanye, are you listening?), or maybe you just want to have “Chocolate Rain” be your ringtone. Either way, Listen to YouTube makes it fairly easy to translate YouTube videos into mp3 audio.

7. Be an amateur viral video DJ.


Previously on our Awesome of the Day blog, Muziic DJ is a wonderfully creative time-waster dressed up as a DJ set up on your computer screen.

8. Remix/dub videos with your own audio.

If an entire DJ set-up is a little too much for you, you can go simpler and take one video and smash it together with the audio from another video. This can result in a wide range of immature combinations that leave you giggling on the office floor. While the site has its own foibles (no way to align differently-timed videos and differences in loading times between the two videos) it’s still very entertaining and very easy.

9. Set a YouTube alarm clock.

Sick of the grating BEEP-BEEP-BEEP of normal, pedestrian alarm clocks? Why not wake up to the dulcet tones of Rick Astley, or the joyful sound of a baby laughing? Or better yet—Jessica’s daily affirmation? AlarmTube allows you to do just that. Set any video and any time, and the website will automatically refresh at the given time (if you’re computer doesn’t hibernate, that is).

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