10 Groovy Airbnbs in Palm Springs

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10 Groovy Airbnbs in Palm Springs

While Palm Springs boasts some fantastic hotels, you don’t have to stick to traditional lodgings to get the whole lounging-poolside-with-a-drink-in-hand experience. There are dozens of Airbnb rentals in Palm Springs that include a pool, a cool Old Hollywood vibe, views of the surrounding mountains, and plenty of space to stretch out—but you will probably have to serve as your own cabana boy. There are some truly luxe accommodations up for grabs here (like Bing Crosby’s old place), and whole-house rentals currently average $312/night, but we’ve tracked down 10 Palm Springs Airbnbs for $150 or less.

1.Micro Apartment 2.Guesthouse 3.Modern Apartment 4.Technicolor Apartment 5.All-new 6.Two-bedroom 7.Modern Studio 8.Two-bedroom Condo 9.Petite Casita 10.One-bedroom

Paste’s Airbnb columnist Erica Jackson Curran is a former alt-weekly editor turned moonlight freelancer based in Richmond, Virginia.