Prepping for the Louvre: Abu Dhabi's Rising Art Scene

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Prepping for the Louvre: Abu Dhabi's Rising Art Scene

While better known for oil and opulence over art, Abu Dhabi is starting to be the buzz among art enthusiasts as final preparations are made on the Jean Nouvel-designed art space that will be home to the Louvre Abu Dhabi when it opens in 2017.
The Louvre’s Abu Dhabi outpost is just one element of what is to become an entire cultural district that, once complete, will also include a Guggenheim, a performing arts center, as well as museums dedicated to Abu Dhabi’s maritime heritage and history.

Yet, Abu Dhabi already enjoys a flourishing art scene that flies under the radar of most visitors. With a range of cool art spaces, galleries and small private museum-quality collections, these creative venues place an emphasis on the traditions, history and heritage of the region, while building an arts community that’s well worth checking out.

Christine Hinz is a freelance travel writer from New York City, currently living in and exploring Abu Dhabi.