10 Airbnbs in Vienna, Austria for Under $100

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10 Airbnbs in Vienna, Austria for Under $100

Like a lot of European cities, Vienna, Austria, has recently made moves to restrict private home rentals within the city by charging taxes and leveraging fines against residents who are cashing in on their extra space. While hosts may have to think twice about listing their places online, it’s fair game for travelers, who can score a room in a local home for as low as $10/night. Entire place rentals average around $80—but if money isn’t a concern, you can rent an entire palace for about $3,000/night. Here are 10 of our favorite rentals for under $100.

1. Simple studio 2. Design-forward studio apartment 3. Manfred’s apartment 4. Vienna-Heights studio 5. Friseierzimmer Grey art loft 6. Newly built apartment 7. Margarita Bird’s Nest loft 8. Freihausviertel apartment 9. Colorful flat 10. Fifth-floor apartment

Erica Jackson Curran is a former alt-weekly editor turned moonlight freelancer based in Richmond, Virginia.