Croatia Is Tired of Tourists Injuring Themselves

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Croatia is tired of your outrageous selfies, lackadaisical attitude towards health and safety, and your stupid tourist behavior.

Over the past week, the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS) has sent a series of stern lectures—like a mother tired of her son’s shit—asking tourists to stop the stupidity.

The first tweet asked tourists to stop taking “stupid and dangerous” selfies, after a Canadian tourist fell off a cliff mid-selfie.

croatia selfie.png

The HGSS warnings continued throughout the week. “Dear tourists, today will be hot as hell in most of #Croatia,” they wrote. “Please, hydrate and remember: sunbathing is OUT, your health IS NOT. #HGSS”

HGSS even anticipates Pokemon Go problems.

croatia pokemon.png

Of course, if you do encounter any problems in the Croatian wilderness— like getting lost on a hike or if you suddenly transform into Jon Snow and need to leave…now— HGSS, like a nature-loving, frustrated mother, wants you to call #112 before posting about it on social media.

Tom is a travel writer, part-time hitchhiker, and he’s currently trying to imitate Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? but with more sunscreen and jorts.