Tour Europe via These 10 Summer Festivals

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Following the festival route is a creative way to tour Europe and gives travelers a bit of sightseeing, some awesome one-of-a-kind souvenirs, a lot of swaying and more cultural-insight than you could ever ask for. Summer is the ideal time to do this because the best festivals occur during Europe’s warmer months. If you plan it right you can spend a few days soaking up the music, art and crafts at the Tollwood Festival in Munich before heading over to Holland for the North Sea Jazz extravaganza.

If you’re as pumped as we are, here are 10 European festivals to add to your itinerary.

1. Tree of Life Festival; 2. Tollwood Festival; 3. North Sea Jazz Festival; 4. Fringe Festival; 5. Camp Bestival; 6. La Tomatina Festival; 7. Fresh Food Festival; 8. Bliss Beat; 9. Nos Primavera Sound Festival; 10. EXIT Festival

Roxanne Sancto is a freelance journalist for Paste and The New Heroes & Pioneers. She’s the author of The Tuesday Series & co-author of The Pink Boots. She can usually be found covered in paint stains.