Stay at 7 Stunning Celebrity-Owned Hotels

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Stay at 7 Stunning Celebrity-Owned Hotels

As social media continues to prove its prominence in society, the relevance of celebrities and their whereabouts become common knowledge. Easy access to today’s entertainment industry allows people across the globe to know exactly when and where celebrities are traveling, and even what they are wearing. It is this access to celebrities’ lifestyles that has piqued the curiosity of millions, encouraging the masses to go where the famed and fortunate have also gone and stay where they have stayed. In this lies the intrigue of celebrity owned hotels: an experience unique to public icons can be your own.

There are a number of hotels owned by celebrities which are surprisingly overlooked considering the interest so many have in these celebrities. Travelers are not often given the opportunity to vacation somewhere where their accommodation is directly related to a pop culture icon they follow. Not only does the existence of these hotels allow guests to feel close to the big name that owns them, but many are located in top destinations for travel.

Lead image: Cadogan Gardens

Grace Williamson is a travel intern with Paste and a freelance writer based out of Athens, Georgia.