Ritz Up Your Home with The Ritz Paris' New Online Boutique

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Ritz Up Your Home with The Ritz Paris' New Online Boutique

After a $450 million, four-year renovation, The Ritz Paris has now been reopened with its new makeover since June of 2016. The revamped hotel, owned by Mohamed Al-Fayed, includes new plumbing, heating and cooling systems and faster wifi, and instead of 159 rooms, there are now 142 including 71 suites with heated floors. The small sum of $450 million also funded a “Chanel Spa:” the iconic beauty brand’s first and only spa outfitted with all of their own products, a garden and the Salon Proust teatime. Of course, the famous Hemingway bar also underwent renovations.

Hemingway once said, “When in Paris, the only reason not to stay at the Ritz is if you can’t afford it.” Since its opening in 1898, the rooms at the Ritz Paris appeared priceless, like a grandiose museum filled with invaluable art. Now, if you can afford it, you can turn your own bedroom at home into the Ritz by shopping at their new online boutique. Outfit your dining room with the blue Imperial Collection plates, matching sugar bowls, lunch cups and saucers, or ritz up your sleeping quarters with a bedside lamp fit for Coco Chanel herself and a replica wall clock gilded with the finest gold. If you’re simply looking to remember your time at the Ritz by the feel of their Egyptian, long silk cotton, classic peach-colored bath towels, or by the smell of the hallways with the scent of perfume wafting through your home, you can purchase these, too.

If you can’t afford to live at the Ritz Paris for the long-term like Coco Chanel, or stop in for the frequent drink whenever it tickles your fancy, you can afford to bring a little bit it home with you (without stuffing your suitcase with bathrobes and grabbing shower gels off the maid’s cart when no one’s looking).

Amanda Allbee is a travel intern for Paste and a freelance writer based out of Athens, Georgia.