This Looping, Spinning Roller Coaster Is like Two Rides in One

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This Looping, Spinning Roller Coaster Is like Two Rides in One

Every year the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions—the main trade group for the amusements and attractions industry—holds a convention in Orlando. The IAAPA Attractions Expo is ground zero for the future of fun, as amusement parks and attraction designers reveal their hottest and newest upcoming works. If you’re at all into rides and attractions, it’s pretty much the best place to be the week before Thanksgiving.

Sadly I couldn’t make it down this year, but the internet can make us all feel like we’re at the Expo. And after seeing the new roller coaster that was making the rounds on Amusement Park Twitter yesterday, I’m perhaps relieved that I’m merely watching on from afar.

So here’s a new coaster from SBF-VISA Group. It’s a spinning coaster, which right there gives me pause. But not only does it spin, but the first car in the train loops throughout the ride. Two folks strap themselves inside of that big circle and then it just loops and loops as the train rockets around the track. It took only a few seconds catching a clip of this beast in action on Twitter for me to roll into a ball and consider swearing off this amusement park beat entirely.

Okay, that’s a total exaggeration. This is actually a pretty genius concept in that it’s essentially two rides in one, a spinning coaster and a looping coaster, giving exhibitors two new attractions for the price of one. Yeah, the actual coaster part of this ride may not be the most elaborate or thrilling, but as a proof of concept, this is hard to find fault with. It’s the kind of high thrills fun that bring people out to amusement parks in droves, and it’s two different types of it. Just don’t expect me to ever get on this thing myself—even spinning coasters wipe me out, and the looping car would straight up kill me. I know my limitations.

Take a look at this mind-destroying madness, in this clip courtesy of Attractions Magazine. And seriously, don’t spend too much time thinking about how the IAAPA Attractions Expo’s full name is the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Attractions Expo, for that way lies a madness even more all-consuming than what you’ll feel after a few loops on this coaster.

UPDATE: The IAAPA officially dropped the word “attractions” from the full name of the Expo. So now it’s just the IAAPA Expo. The editor in me is grateful that they resolved this issue.