So, Just How Dirty Are Hotel Rooms?

Travel News
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Perhaps another incentive to use Airbnb, Travelmath recently took 36 samples from nine different hotels to see which surfaces were the dirtiest. In each room, they swabbed the TV remote, the bathroom counter, the desk and the phone. They tested 3-, 4- and 5-star hotels and have now presented the results. Spoiler alert: don’t use the remote in your hotel room.

The bathroom counter was typically the dirtiest surface in rooms, and although five-star hotels may offer better amenities, three-star accommodations were the least germy. They also tested for different types of bacteria, and although most are not harmful, it helps to be aware of what germs you’re picking up and how much. The authors suggest when traveling to wash your hands frequently, bringing along disinfectant spray and alcohol wipes for surfaces and using a plastic bag over the remote so you don’t have to touch it at all.

See the results below and go to their report linked above to read their analysis. And invest in some alcohol wipes to keep in your luggage.