A Not So Unfortunate, Unfortunate Teaser

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Something unfortunate is coming, and it is no doubt a total mystery. Netflix’s impending recreation of the book franchise, A Series of Unfortunate Events, has Lemony Snicket fans in all kinds of anticipation.

What we didn’t expect, but are more than pleased about, is the release of “An Unfortunate Trailer.” The video is actually a fake trailer (via Variety), one that was not commissioned by Netflix, but even so, the trailer is nonetheless a mysterious one. It was uploaded on Sunday by the user Eleanora Poe, the YouTube account of Editor-in-Chief of the series’ fictional The Daily Punctilio. It’s apparently not real, but it is extremely impressive.

Although it may be in a supremely wicked tone, with shadowy glimpses of the Count himself, the gothic visual gags may not be what Netflix has in store for us. Regardless, the trailer ensnares the ever fitting affairs of the eccentric world created by Lemony Snicket. Watch the spidery violence above.

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