Watch Neil Patrick Harris Play Dress-Up in Full A Series of Unfortunate Events Trailer

TV Video A Series of Unfortunate Events
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The first teaser we got for Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events introduced us to Lemony Snicket and encouraged us to avoid the show entirely, while the second teaser gave us a few hints about the Baudelaires, Count Olaf, the plot and the look of the show, but no real information as to what to expect. The show’s full trailer makes up for all that by going all in, showing off locations, characters, costumes, sets and giving some more hints as to where the plot is going.

The show has a very storybook look on top of its 1950s aesthetic, and it’s definitely going for a big, silly tone to match. Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf seems to be less manic than Jim Carrey, naturally, but he’s definitely just as odd. Plus, we get some hints at The Incomplete History of Secret Organizations, the secret codes, symbols, and overarching conspiracy that’ll drive the plot.

Watch the trailer embedded above.

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