Invincible Soars into a Season 2 and 3 Renewal on Amazon Prime

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<I>Invincible</I> Soars into a Season 2 and 3 Renewal on Amazon Prime

Invincible fans, brace for impact: the first season of Robert Kirkman’s hit animated series will debut its final episode on Amazon Prime tomorrow. After a season of wild twists, turns, and new powers, Invincible has slid into the prime Friday superhero slot, a perfect way to end the week. And, great news: the series will return for a second and third season, Amazon Studios announced today.

“I’m extremely thankful to Amazon for the support and dedication they’ve put behind Invincible,” Kirkman, known previously for his work on Walking Dead, said in a statement. “The comic book is truly a love letter to a genre that Cory (Walker) and I grew up reading and loving, and it’s been a gratifying journey to watch our characters come to life again through the animated series. We’re beyond excited to continue this story for at least two more seasons.”

Kirkman has also been in talks to develop a live-action feature of his comic series with Universal. For now, though, it’s up and away with the animated serial version of Invincible. Stay tuned for more updates on Omni Man and the rest of the Grayson family.

The first season of Invincible is streaming on Amazon Prime.

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