Amazon Will Curate Your Anime for You

Anime Strike is Amazon's first branded subscription channel

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Amazon Will Curate Your Anime for You

2017 just got a little brighter for anime fans. Online shopping giant Amazon has just launched a new channel called “Anime Strike.” The channel boasts a rich variety of the Japanese animated cartoons, offering something for everyone: the anime classics for neophytes, and exclusive releases for enthusiasts. Anime Strike, available to U.S. Prime members for $4.99 a month, offers same-day broadcasting for ongoing series such as Scum’s Wish and Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga.

Though the channel is a little low on the Miyazaki factor, it boasts a few of Paste’s 100 best anime movies of all time, including two of our top five, and with more to come in the future. The channel is part of Amazon’s attempt to deliver targeted content to users. The company has already gained considerable repute by producing Golden Globe-winning and Oscar-nominated original series and films in collaboration with talent including Woody Allen, Spike Lee and Whit Stillman, among others.

In addition, Amazon offers other subscriptions similar to Anime Strike for viewers ranging from cinephiles to sci-fi enthusiasts. Per Variety, Amazon plans to offer more branded on-demand channels in the coming months.

Check out Anime Strike here, and Amazon’s other channels here.

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