Archer: “Archer Vice: Palace Intrigue – Part 2”

(Episode 5.11)

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Archer: “Archer Vice: Palace Intrigue – Part 2”

So, what’s the deal with those damn Krieger clones?!

I know it might not have been central to the Calderon plot involving Archer and the rest of the gang, but it’s the biggest question left unanswered at the end of “Palace Intrigue – Part 2.” Krieger (the real one… or is he?) talks to the clones and probes for some information but gets very little in return. We will hopefully see more of him soon, which would be excellent news, as Lucky Yates was great again here. There are so many possibilities surrounding Krieger and the clones, and considering how the episode ended, we’re not sure if Malory and the rest will stay behind at the palace a little longer or fly back home right away. When they do leave, is Krieger staying?

As for the main story, I did not see this level of intensity coming. Maybe I should have, after seeing the palace under attack at the end of the last episode. Then again, the intensity took place inside the palace and had very little to do with what was going on outside of it. Archer’s decision to have sex with Gustavo Calderon’s wife, Juliana, was always going to come back to haunt him, and there were only so many “unintentional” shots he could fire to stop someone from speaking up before Calderon would find out and threaten to kill him. Cyril gets shot, Pam gets shot later wearing the same vest, and Cherlene heroically blocks Juliana’s gunfire with her guitar. All of this because of Archer’s inability to resist his sexual urges.

Speaking of Cherlene, she might play a bigger role here than any previous episode this season. As an obvious obsession of Gustavo Calderon, Cherlene has now sold a million albums and is apparently married to Calderon, since he apparently divorced Juliana. Who knows how much of this will last based on whether or not they stick around next episode.

There was a great moment after all the build-up with Cyril picking out a vehicle to please Malory. As he busts through the wall and we see who it is, Malory immediately criticizes his vehicle choice. Cyril voices his frustration with, “Nothing is ever good enough for you!” as Archer follows up with, “Right?”

One of the best parts about the “Palace Intrigue” episodes is seeing the majority of the former ISIS crew together all in the same place, as opposed to being split up. Just as “House Call” was one of my favorite episodes of the season, both “Palace Intrigue” episodes succeed for similar reasons.

Ron Cadillac has yet to resurface after he was mentioned two episodes ago, at the end of “On the Carpet.” I can’t help but feel like he will have a role to play to close out the season.

With two episodes left in the season, and looking back, Archer Vice has picked up steam over the last few weeks. I’m still hoping for a little more Woodhouse before it’s over, but I don’t expect it. Either way, with a heavier focus placed on a lengthy story this season, the anticipation for its final two episodes will be as high as the level of intrigue in Calderon’s palace.

Carlo Sobral is a Winnipeg-based freelance writer and regular contributor to Paste.