Barry's Back with Multiple Bangs in New Season Two Trailer

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<i>Barry</i>'s Back with Multiple Bangs in New Season Two Trailer

HBO’s March offerings are certainly putting a spring in our step—in particular, the second season of Barry, the trailer for which came out Friday.

The Emmy-winning dark comedy follows Barry (Bill Hader), a Midwestern hitman who finds himself torn between his violent past and his strange present in L.A.’s acting scene. Henry Winkler guides Barry as his acting coach, Gene Cousineau, while Sarah Goldberg’s Sally provides another, more romantic reason for Barry to leave his life of crime behind him.

This latest trailer promises more of what made the first season such an unexpected hit: humor, handguns and a deceptive degree of heart. Unfortunately, though, we’ll have to wait until March 31 to see whether Barry takes up a newly powerful NoHo Hank’s (Anthony Carrigan) appealing offer of joining “Team Badass.”

Check out the new trailer below and see the rest of what’s coming to HBO Now next month here.