Netflix Releases Trailer for Black Mirror's Star Trek Parody, "USS Callister"

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Netflix’s Black Mirror has been receiving trailer after trailer for its new season, each promo video focusing on one episode. The newest finds Black Mirror in unsuspected territory: the well-populated world of Star Trek parodies.

Jesse Plemons is the Captain Kirk of “USS Callister,” and the trailer spends most of its time showing us hero shots of him, or Jimmi Simpson leading cheers in support of him. It’s a role Plemons seems to have been born for, but that doesn’t mean this is the Star Trek parody to end all Star Trek parodies.

Black Mirror is a series that made its name on originality and strangeness, billing itself as a truly modern sci-fi anthology/satire series. To see it delve into the past, to take on a decades-old franchise, is somewhat odd. The rest of the new teasers seem to be more in line with Black Mirror’s modus operandi, and you can watch them below.

It’s not yet clear when season four of Black Mirror will come out on Netflix, but it will likely be sometime in 2018. Brush up on the details of the new episodes here.

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