Body Paint and Fairy Tales Collide in Beautiful Skin Wars Art

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Body Paint and Fairy Tales Collide in Beautiful <i>Skin Wars</i> Art

In GSN’s most popular show, Skin Wars, artists compete to see who can create the most stunning body art. The series returned for a third season on April 20th, and already the captivating art has people telling tales—fairy tales, that is. In episode two, “Not All Fun and Games,” contestants were challenged with recreating folklore on the human body. From creating the various plot points of Little Red Riding Hood, to symbols of Hercules, these works of art are incredibly remarkable. Check out the gallery for more.

1. Kyera, Beauty and the Beast
2. Jess, Little Red Riding Hood
3. Michael, The Jungle Book
4. Alison, Cinderella
5. Hans, Wizard of OZ
6. Rik, Hercules
7. Shelly, Alice in Wonderland
8. Luis, Pinocchio
9. Tiffany, Peter Pan
10. Brittany, Snow White
11. Otto, Legend of Sleepy Hollow