Cougar Town Review: "Between Two Worlds" (Episode 4.03)

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<i>Cougar Town</i> Review: "Between Two Worlds" (Episode 4.03)

Poor Grayson. It must be a little exhausting to be married to Jules.

In the season premiere, Jules made Grayson her “coffee bitch.” This week, in “Between Two Worlds,” she’s worried that Grayson is too agreeable and that they don’t fight enough. She thinks that means they lack passion as a couple. Honestly, Jules is old enough to know better, but the cul-de-sac crew has never been the most mature. But like most Cougar Town episodes, the show eventually makes an effective point: Grayson doesn’t want to fight with Jules because fighting is what tore up his relationship with his first wife. Jules wants to know Grayson cares enough to fight for what they have.

While Jules is busy creating trouble where there is none, Laurie is discovering everyone’s superpowers. Grayson can imitate anyone. Ellie can start a fight between any two people. Andy can find anything. Bobby makes up the best nicknames. (I think he has some stiff competition with Sawyer from Lost, but I’ll let the show have this one). Laurie gets a vibe correctly. Jules can solve any problem with sex. And Stan (we got to see Stan!) has super strength.

Ellie uses her power to start a fight between Grayson and Jules over the fact that Jules is not changing her last name to “Ellis.” She’s keeping Cobb, which is Bobby’s last name. We learn that Jules’ maiden name is never to be spoken. “You say it out loud, we’re no longer friends,” she reminds Ellie.

Laurie doesn’t know what Travis’ superpower is. She tries to figure it out, which distracts her from worrying about Wade, who she hasn’t heard from since he went off on a scouting mission. Laurie realizes Travis’ super power is his selflessness. “Selfless man. I’m not sure that’s going to sell a lot of comics,” Travis deadpans. If that’s his superpower, his kryptonite is definitely his love for Laurie. My heart just about broke for the poor boy at the end of the episode. The look of love he gives Laurie is too much. I’m getting the feeling the show is going to have to address this unrequited-but-maybe-requited couple sooner rather than later.

Bobby is going through a bit of a crisis too. After he realizes that people expect him to be the kind of guy who doesn’t pay back a loan, he decides he wants to be called Ron Mexico, which everyone decides is the best name ever. Ron Mexico is a fun guy, who shares a biography with Forrest Gump (although the show never addressed the name’s connection to Michael Vick).

Andy helps Bobby realize that it’s not too late to reinvent himself. He reminds Bobby of the story of J.K. Rowling, who was destitute before she wrote the Harry Potter books. “Please don’t make me write a book about a child wizard. I’m not going to be very good at it,” Bobby says. Andy tells him that all he needs is “one victory in your life and boom, everything’s different.” Could this be some major foreshadowing that things will soon be looking up for Bobby Cobb? Bobby has always been my favorite character on the show. Brian Van Holt has taken a character who on paper could have been just a simple, dumb guy and has given him depth and really made viewers care about him (similar to what Chris Pratt has done with Andy on Parks and Recreation). I hope the show continues to explore Bobby’s struggle to improve his life.

Other thoughts on the episode:
• I know I shouldn’t have laughed, but I did find it hilarious when Jules and Ellie discuss the possibility of them becoming lesbians. “Not yet but I like to know that choice is out there. Stay skinny just in case,” Jules tells Ellie.
• How exactly is all that red wine Jules placed outside in wine spikes going to fare in the hot Florida sun?
• Once again, I’m concerned about all the jokes about the gang’s drinking. Bobby attends an AA meeting as Ron Mexico. “Did you know that our gang shares a lot of characteristics with the people in that organization?” he asks Andy. We do, Bobby, we do.
• Why haven’t we played a game of penny can yet this season?
• My entry for this week’s edition of “Things that annoy Ellie”: My neighbors still have their Christmas decorations up.

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