Feeling Meme-ish: Animaniacs

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Feeling Meme-ish: <i>Animaniacs</i>

A very specific demographic of people let out an enormous, collective gasp, upon seeing that Netflix had done, possibly, the greatest thing in its existence by releasing all 99 episodes of Animaniacs. Yakko, Wakko, Dot, the Goodfeathers, Pinky and the Brain, Buttons and Mindy—the only thing standing between you and them right now is all that stuff you said you were going to do today (which can wait) and this gallery of GIFs and memes (which can’t wait, because you need to look at them, before you start your binge).

Shannon M. Houston is a Staff Writer and the TV Editor for Paste. This New York-based freelancer probably has more babies than you, but that’s okay; you can still be friends. She welcomes almost all follows on Twitter.