First Trailer for Netflix’s The Goop Lab Honestly Asks “How Can We Milk the S*** Out of This?”

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First Trailer for Netflix’s The Goop Lab Honestly Asks “How Can We Milk the S*** Out of This?”

Though there are many jokes made about people who believe in flat Earth theories or poisonous contrails or other tinfoil-hat conspiracies, let us not forget the snake-oil therapies peddled by the extreme end of the wellness industry. In the trailer for The Goop Lab, a six-episode documentary based around Gwyneth Paltrow’s lux wellness brand, Paltrow honestly asks, “how can we really milk the shit out of this?” In context, it’s about living life to the fullest. But more generally, it’s about Paltrow and the dubious companies she partners with making untold amounts of money from privileged people putting crystals into their privates.

And I’m really not joking about that last part, which is reinforced by the series’ poster where Paltrow stands inside of what looks like a vagina. The show, like her coalition of recommended brands and products, is primarily aimed at women with disposal income who want to feel better, because having that much disposal income just really isn’t enough. But hey, if buying a $240 tank top or an $80 water bottle with a quartz crystal in it does that for you, hoorah! If only the rest of us could afford to be healed this way. The show goes beyond that, though, hawking (in its own words) “dangerous” and “unregulated” products and procedures. Or, as they also soften it to say, “explore ideas that may seem ‘out there.’” So essentially, we’ve gone from well-meaning hippies who just wanted to get back to naturally derived and non-chemical products (a good thing) to more esoteric New Age products like crystals (hmm), to a Goop era of these stickers that will cure your hangover (no).

Some of the fringe wellness practices that show will be tackling include energy healing, exorcisms, cold therapy, psychic mediums, and more. And again, there can be truths within some of these that are connected to the power of our minds to believe we are being healed by them—that is real, as is the healing itself. But as Goop herself profits over what are, for most, extremely expensive procedures and products that are clearly aimed at a wealthy subsection of Americans, it has turned her into a kind of wellness Barnum & Bailey. Which you can watch more of starting January 24th on Netflix! Check out the trailer below:



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