Grimm Review: “Blond Ambition”

(Episode 3.22)

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<i>Grimm</i> Review: &#8220;Blond Ambition&#8221;

Ah, the wedding episode. Castle, Modern Family, Grimm—these are just a few shows that had big wedding season finales this year. It’s difficult to avoid the clichés when this commonplace storyline is being utilized. We know things are going to go wrong, we know one of the bridesmaids is going to get drunk, and we know something tragic will happen to the wedding dress. “Blond Ambition” plays with all of these familiar tropes, but this is Grimm! So things get a lot more interesting than they might in another show. The finale is exciting and fast-paced and—unlike a lot of season finales—it doesn’t try to pack in or wrap up too many storylines in one sitting.

It’s Rosalee’s wedding, but it feels like Adalind’s episode—after all, it’s all about her blonde ambition and the trouble it causes. She’s just so conniving and, well, naughty in this episode. It’s fantastic! The last time we saw her she was teaching us about pointy witch hats. In this episode she’s causing mayhem and confusion as the purple lingerie-thieving “Juliette.” You can’t help but cringe as she slips that gorgeous thing off and slides into bed with Nick, while Juliette (no quotation marks) was gone, getting ready for the wedding.

Now, let’s discuss the dress for a moment. If we’ve learned anything from this episode it’s that sometimes your sister getting drunk and spilling red wine all over your wedding dress is a good thing. If Mommy and Daddy have the cash, their dual guilt may result in you getting the $7,000 dress of your dreams. Score one for Rosalee.

Unfortunately, that new dress is about the only good thing about the wedding. Well, that and her love for Monroe and their super-sweet vows. But while they’re exchanging vows, Trubel’s fighting off the wesen who shot Renard. Renard comes to give Nick the potion he doesn’t even know he needs to ward off Adalind’s spell. As Renard’s getting put out on a stretcher, Trubel’s rushing to the wedding where there are more wesen getting ready for the surprise of a lifetime. And while she’s doing that, Officer Wu is poking around upstairs and finds the book of Grimm—not good, considering that whole Aswang/mental institution situation. It’s going to be really interesting to see his storyline play out next season.

Trubel’s arrival at the wedding makes for an excellent scene. She steps in and we know it’s about to go down. Everyone’s woguing in celebration of the almost-newlyweds (we didn’t quite get to hear them pronounced “husband and wife”), when a grimm shows up. We’re reminded of Claire Coffee’s warning to us, as things do indeed go batshit crazy. When they finally get Trubel in a safe room Nick explains that he didn’t see any of the woguing. Well, crap. Adalind’s paid him back for that one time when he stripped her of her powers and taken away his grimm-hood. Even the mention of Adalind sends Juliette someplace dark… she’s pretty much over this relationship for the moment. And, really? How much can a woman take? Monsters and wesen are one thing, but when they start stealing your face, your lingerie, and your man? It might be time for a break.

And even though Adalind is the bad guy in all of this, that final shot of her on the plane, envisioning her baby is a reminder that she was hurt and deceived too. Like any mother desperate to be reunited with her child, she’s acting a bit cray.

So we end a solid season of horrifying monsters, new grimms introduced, and old grimms who may be not-so-grimm-like anymore.

The underlying commentary of Grimm is what really keeps drawing me in to the show. There have been fascinating allusions to cultural and racial issues, and all of the women taking over the show have made it a truly good time for us feminists. Even in tonight’s episode, there were these almost-imperceptible nods to religion. Monroe’s father misquotes a popular misquotation from the Bible (instead of “God works in mysterious ways,” he says, “the world works in mysterious ways), and right after we see a nude (Eve-like) “Juliette” whisking away in one scene, we see Trubel washing an apple in the sink—a nod to the book of Genesis, perhaps? Either way, all of the imagery is great stuff that proves the show is full of layers.

Until Next Season…

Renard looked pretty dead there… is he dead?

What will become of Adalind once she gets to the Royals?

Men, everywhere listen up. “I was going to propose to you, but…” is always going to be the least sexiest phrase on the planet. (Although, it should be said that Nick managed to looke pretty hot in those prescription sunglasses.)

Favorite Quote of the Episode: “Call me!” (Adalind as “Juliette” to Renard)

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