It’s the Archer Quote-down!: Pam Poovey

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Probably more than any of the other ancillary cast member of Archer, spy agency ISIS’s H.R Director has been revealed over the first four seasons to be the most secretly talented—and hedonistic—of the agency’s lot. That’s no minor distinction amongst a workforce of sexual deviants and super spies. An effortlessly hilarious Amber Nash shades all of Pam’s outrageous lines as the supremely screwed-up sentiments they are.

5. “You could shut your dick holster.”

4. “You’re ruining your life, ya idiot! And making it hard to drop a deuce.”

3. “Screw them! Especially Cheryl—I hope you kidnap the shit out of her!”

2. “Okay. A: No-one cares about your big, knobby vibrating eggplant. B: Sometimes I work late, and C: There’s this new thing all the kids are doing called, ‘shuttin’ the damn door!’”


The grownups are talking now, Cheryl.

Bad idea, Cyril—making the agency’s biggest gossip seize up while, uh, fraternizing with a coworker in plain view.


Up to this point, it’s unclear that anyone at ISIS knew how dangerous it was to play with Pam’s life. By the reveal of her tattoo at the end of the episode, it’s safe to assume they’ll be watching their own backs.


It’s a fair point that, despite her being a snoop, ISIS kind of sucks at keeping secrets. There’s a good reason rival spy agency ODIN tends to get the meatiest contracts.

1. “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell ya, between this little gal’s love-taps! Seriously, maybe see if your daddy will give you a roll of nickels.”

They really, really should have just killed her. She even warned them.

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