New Lodge 49 Teaser Trailers Highlight the Show's Genre-Bending Charm

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New <i>Lodge 49</i> Teaser Trailers Highlight the Show's Genre-Bending Charm

Do you know what Lodge 49 is? AMC isn’t sure that you know about its sleeper hit that captured the hearts of critics last summer, so the network decided to share three teaser trailers that might clear that up for you on Friday.

The first of the teasers introduces the cast in the ‘50s sitcom style of Leave It to Beaver, complete with a kooky score and grainy quality. It introduces the core cast of Wyatt Russell—son of Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn—as Dud, Brent Jennings as Ernie and Sonya Cassidy as Liz. But … maybe the show isn’t quite so feel-good as that first trailer suggests? Maybe you want to be spooked this summer. Good news! There’s also a horror teaser. Wait a minute—was that Cheech Marin at the end of the horror teaser? It sure was, as the legendary comic has joined Lodge 49 for the second season as El Confidante, shown clearly in the Western-inspired third teaser.

Seriously, what is this show? Well, as Paste put it last year, Lodge 49 is “quietly extraordinary”—we ranked it among 2018’s best new shows. You can find out more for yourself when the second season premieres on Aug. 12 on AMC. Watch all three new teasers below, then head here to watch the full trailer for the second season.