The Mindhunter Season Two Teaser Has Arrived

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The <i>Mindhunter</i> Season Two Teaser Has Arrived

We’re only two weeks out from the return of David Fincher’s Mindhunter on Netflix, and the first teaser trailer for the forthcoming season has finally been released.

Netflix’s true-crime psychodrama series examines the genesis of the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit during the early days of criminal psychology and profiling. Its first season covered the initial research-gathering led by the unit to construct a database on serial offenders, and it looks like the show’s second season zones in on the Atlanta child murders of the late 1970s.

The second season sees the return of Jonathan Groff as special agent Holden Ford, Holt McCallany as Bill Tench and Anna Torv as Wendy Carr, and welcomes back Fincher to direct a handful of episodes.

The trailer isn’t too forthcoming about the series’ plot points, but features a glimpse of Damon Herriman’s Charles Manson (who also played the serial killer in QUentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood), Sonny Valicenti’s David Berkowitz and confirms the return of Season One’s Emmy-nominated Cameron Britton as famed co-ed killer Ed Kemper.

Fincher recently told KCRW’s The Treatment podcast that Season Two takes place during the “post-Manson, post-Son of Sam, post-Zodiac” transitional period when serial killers were becoming national talking points.

Mindhunter arrives on Aug. 16, and also features performances by Albert Jones, Stacey Roca and Joe Tuttle. You can check out the new season’s trailer below and revisit
its first-look images here.