Netflix's Dear White People TV Series Cast Coming Together

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Netflix’s series adaptation of Dear White People will bring back some of the original cast, along with new actors, per The Hollywood Reporter.

Powers actress Logan Browning will take the place of Tessa Thompson as Sam White, the controversial radio host whose show borrows its name from the name of the film. Meanwhile, Brandon P. Bell will reprise his role as Troy Fairbanks, the ex-boyfriend of Browning’s character and the son of his school’s dean.

Like the 2014 film, the Netflix series’ 10 half-hour episodes will chronicle the lives of students of color who attend a prestigious (read: white) Ivy League school that desperately tries to downplay its racist practices.

The original director, Justin Simien, will write the series and direct the first episode. Production will start later this year ahead of a 2017 debut.