Netflix Releases Stranger Things News Footage, Teases You About Barb Some More

TV Video Stranger Things
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Just in time for Halloween, the folks behind Stranger Things have given you something new to analyze endlessly. Of course, it doesn’t answer many of the show’s biggest questions, but it does give audiences a different perspective on the events of the first season.

For example, how would the average townsperson have reacted to Barb’s disappearance? Would they be as outraged as the show’s fans? Additionally, how do we all feel about Barb’s outfit? WIYZ-5 anchor Brenda Wood is here to answer all of these questions, and remind everyone that Stranger Things was a lot of fun.

The video also takes some time to describe Eleven’s Eggo theft, and all the strange occurrences surrounding it. If you wanted to know more about the Upside Down or the Department of Energy, you’re out of luck. Still, Brenda is a delightfully sassy anchor, so it’s definitely worth a watch.

Stranger Things (and perhaps Eleven) will return for a second season in 2017.