Explore the Pixelated World of Stranger Things in New Mobile Game

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Explore the Pixelated World of <i>Stranger Things</i> in New Mobile Game

The folks behind Stranger Things are really helping us out with the waiting game in anticipation for the new season (or rather, sequel). And by waiting game, we mean actual game.

Netflix has unveiled a mobile app from indie devs BonusXP that lets players go back in time to 1984 to navigate the worlds of Hawkins, Ind., and The Upside-Down, in all their retro, pixelated glory. Stranger Things: The Game allows you to become one of seven characters to explore six dungeons and go on over 30 quests. Along the way, there are Eggos, gnomes and VHS tapes to collect, and you might even be able to unlock secret footage from season two.

Perhaps the Stranger ThingsLevel Up” promo from earlier this year hinted at some of the adventures we can expect in Netflix’s new game, which is available for free today on Android and iOS. Hopefully this will keep us all busy until Oct. 27, when the new installment premieres. See the trailer for Stranger Things: The Game below.

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