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For producer/actor Chrissy Mazzeo and producer Rivkah Beth Medow, putting together one of this year’s most delightful Sundance experiences, the musical comedy series Bartlett (which happens to feature an unforgettable appearance by Hamilton creator and starLin-Manuel Miranda), was just a matter of connecting the right dots and finding the right family.  “Anthony Veneziale started it,” explains Mazzeo. “He and Lin went to college together at Wesleyan – and he’s my connection to those guys. He moved out to San Francisco and I met him maybe ten years ago, doing projects there. He introduced me to Martin Edwards, who’s the writer and director of Bartlett. It’s such a small community in the Bay Area, and when you find people you love, you go Wow. And I met Rivkah like fifteen years ago on a project and always kept up with her. So Anthony introduced me to Martin. He was writing this feature that would have been ten million dollars plus. So we moved on to something else. And by the time we got to the third script we were working on together, it was this play called – ha – Pitch Perfect. Which was perfect for this story. And he got that play commissioned and put up. And we adapted it to a feature, but it didn’t really feel like a feature. So I said, ‘Don’t hate me, but can you adapt it one more time as a series?’”

It turned out to be just what the doctor ordered.

You can hear the entire interview above.

Bartlett is available on Amazon Prime Video and Vimeo on Demand

Photo by Gordon Hight.

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