The 20 Most Underrated I Love Lucy Episodes

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The 20 Most Underrated <i>I Love Lucy</i> Episodes

Lucille Ball’s Lucy Ricardo was destined for her place in our retro-lovin’ hearts the minute I Love Lucy hit airwaves. She was funny, sassy, dramatic and mischievous—everything that era expected women to not be. But, when we look back fondly on the life of Lucy Ricardo, we tend to only call out the “big” episodes. Lucy’s attempt to sell Vitameatavegamin is so iconic, they made a Barbie doll to commemorate it. And, yes, it’s impossible not to laugh at Lucy and her bestie Ethel as they stuff chocolates in their mouths. However, with so many seasons on air, there are plenty of other Lucy moments that deserve a little more love. Here are our picks for the 20 most underrated I Love Lucy episodes.