Watch: An Appreciation of Legends of Tomorrow

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Watch: An Appreciation of <i>Legends of Tomorrow</i>

Legends of Tomorrow, now in its fifth season, was created from a hodgepodge of characters from The CW’s Arrowverse. It had a bit of a rocky start, but it has really found its footing by just having a bonkers good time. Filled with meta humor and history-tinged hilarity, our crew of sundries travel through time to stop demons, hellspawn, magical creatures, and other power-hungry baddies from altering the past—but the series also has the ability to truly gut-punch you with incredible emotional storylines and reveals that illustrate how wonderfully deep it all really is.

Below, Paste TV Editor Allison Keene and Editor-in-Chief Josh Jackson discuss this joyful, smart, silly series that never fails to mix things up. If you are weary of superheroes and superhero stories, this is a show that will rejuvenate you, because it is like no other.

Legends of Tomorrow is currently streaming on Netflix (Seasons 1-4), the CW app, with Season 5 airing on The CW Tuesday nights.

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