Will The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Get a Season Two? The Series’ Writers Tease Plans

There is hope in Thra!

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Will <i>The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance</i> Get a Season Two? The Series&#8217; Writers Tease Plans

I only had one question at the end of Netflix’s outstanding prequel series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance—when is Season Two? I need more Thra!

This week on the Paste Podcast (which we renamed the Podling Cast), our EIC Josh Jackson and I spoke with the series’ three writers —Jeff Addiss, Will Matthews and Javier Grillo Marxuach—about approaching such a sprawling fantasy tale. Is this the end, or just the beginning? “I think it could only be huge, I don’t think there was a way to do it small,” Matthews told us. “I don’t think our first pitch when we came in was small. The word everyone kept using was ‘epic,’ and we pitched a big, giant, long story. So much so that when they greenlit the show they said to us, ‘so what you said was Season One is like half, like half of that is Season One’ […] So we have an ending to this whole story, but we really do think of it as one big, long story.”

Grillo Marxuach added, “we have a document that says what that story is, that people have read, and we’re ready to go back to Thra. We just need people to want us to go.” Addiss then confirmed, “We have an ending, we’ve had it from the beginning, the ending means a great deal to us. And we know what the ending is, but when it comes, how long the middle is, is up to the audience and Netflix.” So story-wise, this is not the end, which is quite a comfort for those of us who are familiar with how the movie that this story is leading up to starts (which is, spoiler with all but one Gelfling being gone). So are we allowed to have hope for these heroes?

We were comforted by Grillo Marxuach saying, “you saw one story set on Thra in that movie, and that story can lead to a lot of assumptions of what’s going on on Thra. Yes, it’s the story of the redemption of the Skeksis and the Mystics and how they become the urSkek and go and invade other worlds … but that’s not the only thing going on in Thra. And we get this question a lot about the darkness of the movie and the outcome being so unfavorable, and we’re like ‘well … we have some tricks up our sleeve.’ As Jeff [Addiss] says, ‘Thra is a big place, and there’s a lot of room for hope.’”

Addiss then reminded us, “The Master says to Jen right at the beginning [of the movie], ‘the story runs deeper than you know.’”

As for what a potential Season Two might cover, Grillo Marxuach joked that, “If I have my druthers, Season Two will be titled ‘Bride of Hup.’” The writers also wrote a Hup-based comic tied in with the series that will be released in September. Hup! Podling Justista!

If you want to keep watching more Age of Resistance, spread the good word. Thra is full of hope (although that finale was also genuinely very dark)

Allison Keene is the TV Editor of Paste Magazine. For more television talk, pop culture chat and Podling love, you can follow her @keeneTV

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