20 Perfect Workplace Responses from The Good Wife's Eli Gold

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20 Perfect Workplace Responses from <i>The Good Wife</i>'s Eli Gold

There are many incredible characters who grace our TV screens on Sunday evenings during The Good Wife, and it’s difficult to pick a favorite. Just kidding, it’s not difficult. Alan Cumming’s Eli Gold is king, and we must all bow down. Eli represents the passionate, slightly psychotic person inside of us all. He’s always got a master plan, and his ethics are questionable—but only because he knows he’s working towards the greater good (most of the time). Nobody loves and respects Eli like Eli, which makes him the Kanye West of Chiefs of Staff. If you have a job, or once had a job, or plan to get one sometime in the future, you’re going to need every single one of these workplace reaction GIFs and memes from the one and only Eli Gold. Thank us later.