The Punisher Gets a Release Date and a New Trailer

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<i>The Punisher</i> Gets a Release Date and a New Trailer

Netflix has kept their Marvel series The Punisher shrouded in secrecy for a long time, but that has come to an end. The original show finally has a release date: Nov. 17.

The reveal comes after something of a tumultuous month for the series, as the Punisher panel at the New York Comic-Con was canceled in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, in which Stephen Paddock used high-powered rifles to shoot hundreds of people. The Punisher, not surprisingly, is a show that’s heavy on the gun violence, so canceling that panel was the right move.

However, it left Netflix scrambling in its marketing campaign, as we have a sneaking suspicion they had planned to do a surprise release during the Comic-Con weekend. They’ve clearly decided to wait for news about the shooting to die down, and have thus pushed the series back to mid-November.

Accompanying this announcement was a new trailer, which you can watch below. In it, we see some details about Frank Castle’s origins in the military. He has come to grips that he took part in a morally reprehensible military operation, and figures from that operation are responsible for his family’s death.

We also see Deborah Ann Woll reprising her Daredevil character, Karen Page, making attempts to slow Castle’s quest for punishment. Check it out below, and watch the Netflix series in its entirety on Nov. 17.