The Top 5 Moments from Power, “It’s Never Over”

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The Top 5 Moments from Power, “It’s Never Over”

Last week’s Power premiere was overflowing with exposition, but last night’s “It’s Never Over” showed the characters trying to readjust to new positions of power, and finding ways to work around Ghost’s former involvement in the drug world. Although a big shadow is cast, Tommy is more than willing to fill Ghost’s position. We also see Tasha, who still wants a piece of the action, and Angela settling into step-motherhood… sort of. Here are the five best moments from “It’s Never Over.”

1. The Newest Nightlife Rivals
Since Simon Stern’s ousting as owner of Truth nightclub (and since acquiring two more clubs), James/Ghost’s renewed focus is admirable, but he’s already forced to deal with new rivals on the club scene. Andy and Alby, who both look like knock-off One Direction members, played Ghost by pretending to be VIPers with models, all the while spewing money from a gun in Ghost’s face. Never once feeling threatened by the gun and/or rich boy antics, James tells the duo that they should bring their money and girls to the re-opening of Verbatim, where he has the latest EDM DJ spinning.

After Andre didn’t get DJ Taj’s contract signed, the duo showed their hand; not only did they scoop Ghost for information, but they made sure to book the DJ for that same night. Andre wants to remedy the mistake by taking the two on, but James’ plan is to lie in wait to build the suspense. We’re not yet aware of what these two are capable of, but it looks like we can count expect more nightlife wars on the show.

2. “You wanted him, you get them, too.”
Tasha’s best friend, Keisha, has some pretty strong opinions on the new set-up with Angela: “Fuck that. My kids are not spending the night over no side piece’s house. Ever.” But we all know Angela was always more than a side piece and wants James’ children to come around. Tasha was the product of a single mother household, so she doesn’t want the children to have a strained relationship with Ghost. There’s only one thing to do; Tasha re-introduces herself to Angela in the other woman’s apartment without Ghost’s presence.

Angela has taken precautions by childproofing her home, but Tasha still has to chide her about what was overlooked; the side table doesn’t have corner protectors, scissors were left out, and the apartment’s door is hard to open. Tasha takes control as best she can, while Angela tries to meet her from a sympathetic view point. Both hold their ground and the scene is taut with tension, but we’re finally watching these two strong women size each other up, without gunning for low blows. Tasha may know how to maneuver around Angela’s childproof door, but Angela hits softly with a thank you.

3. Tasha’s Introspection
This is where the writers of Power really excel—in giving the women of the show quieter moments of reflection. Tasha is dealing with her family’s transformation and her new role as Ghost’s former partner. Who does she become without these vital pieces to focus on? It was painful watching her touch her children’s toys and look in the mirror at herself. Given the hints in the show, we knew Tasha would take part in Ghost and Tommy’s business from time to time, but it wasn’t until last night that we were truly aware of her original involvement; Tasha was their accountant. She had a crucial role, and she almost graduated from school before getting married. These shots of her, alone, suggest that she’s going to have to work hard to redefine herself.

4. A New Family to Reckon With
Of all the surprises this season, the beef between Tasha and Tommy is one of the biggest. They were a solid team behind Ghost, and they supported each other when he wasn’t there—we’ll never forget how Tasha hooked Tommy up with that incredible three-some last season. But now that they despise each other, it’s tough watching the two fight. Tommy even went so far as to throw Angela’s name in Tasha’s face. Ouch.

But Holly is determined to be Tommy’s partner in all aspects of his life, and so she brought Tasha back in the fold. On the one hand, this gives Tasha something to be in charge of again, but it’s also a dangerous alliance, as Tommy and Holly have other plans in mind.

5. Almost Doesn’t Count
This episode had some incredibly tense moments, but nothing could compare to the great scene where Tommy attempted to kill Ghost. Fortunately, it didn’t happen, but it’s a reminder of the volatile mindset Tommy has. He’s furious with himself because he couldn’t do the one thing he needed to save his new family (or, what’s left of it, since Belle’s found a new home at Rainbow Bridge). After he freezes at the bridge, he runs off to a have a coke binge that ends in violence. Tommy is spiraling out, but his love for Ghost is still a major factor. There’s really no telling where their complicated new relationship will end up this season.