The Cast of Twin Peaks Supports David Lynch Salary Dispute with New Video

TV Video Twin Peaks
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Today is a special day. Everyone at Paste celebrated the morning with a slice of pie and the finest damn cup of coffee we’ve ever tasted. And although we live nowhere near the Pacific Northwest, we could have sworn we smelled those Douglas Firs. That’s because today marks the 25th anniversary of the pilot episode of Twin Peaks. And although it’s been more than two decades since Special Agent Dale Cooper first drove into the small town, tape recorder in hand, talking to Diane about the fresh smell of the forest wafting through the car window, it feels like only yesterday. Maybe it’s because we constantly have the show running on a loop around here.

Despite the highs stemming from all the celebration for a show that hasn’t seen a new episode since 1991, we are still experiencing a bit of sadness following the announcement that David Lynch, the creative mind behind the limited series, will no longer be returning to the town he crafted following recent salary disputes. The writer/director said the show could not be reasonably produced for the amount Showtime was willing to spend on the project. And with the scripts reportedly already turned in, many have become worried that the show could continue moving forward despite Lynch’s reluctance to see it made.

Fortunately for us, Twin Peaks has a strong, dedicated fanbase that won’t back out of the fight to see Lynch back at the helm. Among those fans are none other than the stars of the original series, who have all rallied in support of the esteemed director on the most memorable of days. In a video posted online titled “Twin Peaks without David Lynch…??” such notable names as Sherilyn Fenn, Sheryl Lee, James Marshall and Peggy Lipton have all compared the show’s lack of a creative director to their own Twin Peaks personas, making for a bit of nostalgia and starting a new campaign for Lynch’s return. Together, the team has created #SaveTwinPeaks and we expect it to take the world by storm.

There is no word on what Showtime plans to do if Lynch doesn’t come back to the series. Kyle MacLachlan had already negotiated a contract to return to the series but there’s not telling whether he or any other returning cast members may back out given the recent news. Showtime has already commented on the situation, hoping Lynch will still rethink his decision. Still, this video comes as good news. The fact that enough interest from the original cast has drawn so much support has to be a sign of things to come. We have waited too long for new episodes for this series. Without Lynch attached to the project, it’s looking less and less likely that the gum we like will come back in style.

Check out the cast of Twin Peaks rallying behind the man who started it all in the video above.