Warbly Jets

Aug 3, 2017 Daytrotter Studios, Davenport, IA

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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter 00:03
  2. Raw Evolution 02:56
  3. The Lowdown 03:02
  4. Getting Closer 03:59
  5. 4th Coming Bomb 04:04
Warbly Jets

Illustration by Johnnie Cluney, Recording by Ian Harris, Video By Andrew Barkau, Words by Landon Kuhlmann

Warbly Jets are a tough band to pin down. Like any good band, they mix sounds and cross genres at their will. But which sounds and how they're used make all the difference. For this group, they stabilize themselves on a dirty beach-rock sound, interpolating expansive synth soundscapes and psych-rock tendencies. It looks like indie rock but smells like punk. Their opening song, "Raw Evolution," gives Ramones-esque punk its very own California treatment, while the last song, "4th Coming Bomb," stretches that rock sound into life-affirming sunset music. 

In Warbly Jets' music, 70's rock meets glam rock, then they both go out and get coffee with the Strokes. There is a battle between the light and dark sides of all those sounds, a yin-and-yang that balances the grimy underbelly of the world with the simplicity of getting high with your friends. The emotional field is leveled out a little bit, and instead of using the shallow happy-to-sad spectrum, they float in an ambiguous haze that contributes to the aesthetic of the group. Part of that aesthetic is embodied on their album cover. A half Jackson Pollock half Dada collage piece, its effect is not concrete. Depending on where you look, you might see distorted letters from a mysterious source or jagged brush strokes that give over no direct meaning. With it being a debut self-titled album, a lot is wagered on the cover, and Warbly Jets' hazy smoke-filled rock music fits perfectly. 

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