William Matheny

Aug 28, 2017 Daytrotter Studios, Davenport, IA

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  1. Tonight And Every Night From Now On 02:24
  2. 29 Candles 03:05
  3. If You Could Only See Me Now 02:50
  4. My Grandfather Knew Stoney Cooper 05:06
William Matheny

Illustration by Johnnie Cluney, Recording by Ian Harris, Words by Johnnie Cluney

William Matheny reflects on the mundane and makes it somehow seem like it's worth a shit. This is modern day Americana. William does his best Jayhawks worship on "blood moon singer" while "teenage bones" would have been a radio hit in the early to mid 90's next to Mr. Jones. William has one full length under his belt with staying power for a classic Sophmore lp. Check out his debut lp Strange Constellations released earlier this year on Misra records.

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