Ranking Every Match From WWE's Fastlane Pay-Per-View

From Worst to Best

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Ranking Every Match From WWE's <i>Fastlane</i> Pay-Per-View

If your only exposure to wrestling is through your friends’ Twitter feeds, you probably think all wrestling fans actually hate wrestling. We love to complain, especially about WWE and its reliably frustrating booking decisions.

Last night was different, though. The amount of scorn and derision heaped on WWE’s latest pay-per-view, Fastlane, is higher than usual, due to a stream of baffling finishes and an incomprehensible half-hour stretch right in the middle of the show of bad, unadvertised, poorly conceived matches featuring wrestlers with no real storylines. No matter where you stand on the great Goldberg debate of 2017, Fastlane was a rough show, with little to recommend when it was all said and done.

Still, if you insist on checking it out, and want to know what to fast forward through in advance, or even just want to see how your opinions stack up against ours, here’s a quick, easy run-through of last night’s matches, ranked from worst to best.

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