Theresa Andersson: Hummingbird, Go!

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Theresa Andersson: <em>Hummingbird, Go!</em>
Multi-tasker makes goodTheresa Andersson has a throwback career trajectory—one that’s actually allowed her to mature in a nurturing local-music scene.

Flying solo now, with production guidance from fellow Swede Tobias Fröberg, she’s reached a career peak with this unconventional, focused and utterly charming disc. Songs like the opener “Na Na Na” and “Hi-Low” are lush, tolerably whimsical meditations yielding the same kind of aesthetic pleasures that come from staring at a densely layered and carefully manicured garden. Performing these songs on stage, Andersson is a multi-tasking spectacle (watch her one-woman-band kitchen performance on her MySpace page, but, really, see her live). She juggles three to five instruments per song and builds multi-track vocal harmonies with the help of a two-tiered floor rack of pedals and blinking loop processors that looks like a NASA control panel. She works the knobs with her toes. it all comes together quite gracefully for a cathartic payoff. It’s like her true spirit was held hostage for all those years, and Hummingbird, Go! is the escape hatch.