Mutemath: Armistice

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Mutemath: <em>Armistice</em>
Electro-rockers subtract originality.With Armistice, New Orleans quartet Mutemath veers further and further from the myriad genre references that comprised its intriguing debut, taking one step closer to middle-of-the-road alt-rock anonymity.

Singles-to-be like “The Nerve” contrast frenzied, kinetic instrumentation with pump-it-up vocals, bursting with ambition and stadium-rock dreams—a grating foil to the band’s otherwise respectable attempt at post-rock experimentation, which is ultimately rendered background noise against vocalists Paul Meany and Greg Hill’s anthemic howls. The result is an awkward balancing act between a premature lust for accessibility and an obvious knack for the avant-garde, shirking traces of the latter in an ill-fated attempt at evolution.