Somebody Built the Taj Mahal in Far Cry 5

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Somebody Built the Taj Mahal in Far Cry 5

Another case of creative players doing weird and awesome things in videogames: Via a Reddit thread posted Tuesday, a user documented their journey to build the Taj Mahal within Far Cry 5’s map editor on PlayStation 4—and it’s extremely impressive.

You can watch a sped-up version of the entire process below, which took around three hours, according to Reddit poster duncsmaps.

Upon further investigation, this is far from the first time this talented player built something fantastic using Far Cry 5’s tools. Their other creations include the entire Big Bang Theory set, Castle Black from Game of Thrones, Die Hard’s Nakatomi building, The Great Northern Hotel of Twin Peaks fame, and much more, with YouTube videos accompanying each.

Check out duncsmaps’ Taj Mahal Reddit thread here.

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