Google Stadia Might Not Work on Your Phone at Launch

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Google Stadia Might Not Work on Your Phone at Launch

Stadia, Google’s forthcoming videogame streaming service, was announced back in March, and was received with both excitement and a healthy dose of skepticism. If it works as it’s been advertised, Stadia will allow players to enjoy AAA gaming experiences across the internet with little to no lag.

In the two information dumps that Google has held on Stadia, one talking point that they really wanted to bring home was that you’d be able to use the service on any screen—that means TV, laptop, tablet and phone screens alike could house all of your Stadia games, from the biggest games of the year to smaller indie titles.

But it appears that may have been a bit too optimistic when it comes to the mobile component, at least. In a Google FAQ page update that TechRadar points out, the company clarified which mobile devices will actually be able to support Stadia when it launches this November—and unfortunately, the answer isn’t “all of them.”

Pixel 3 and 3a owners are in luck, plus all those with Chrome-running tablets. But iPhone users are getting the short end of the stick, it seems (as well as owners of anything other than the aforementioned compatible devices).

Although these other devices won’t be able to stream Stadia titles (at launch, at least), they will have the ability to manage Stadia content through the service’s companion app … as long as you’re running iOS 11 and up, or Android M and up.

Sorry, Apple diehards. Hopefully Stadia is able to get an iOS version up and running shortly after its release in November.

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