Hitman 3‘s Season of Lust DLC Starts Today

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Hitman 3‘s Season of Lust DLC Starts Today

Season of Lust, the fourth act of Hitman 3’s Seven Deadly Sins DLC, begins this Tuesday. The new season features a new Elusive Target, new weapons and more and will last until Aug. 30.

The standout content for this season revolves around a new one-stage contract: Lust Assignation Escalation. Set in a nightclub in Berlin, your goal is to uncover clues and gather intel on your secret admirer. Players can also continuously replay this mission, as a new admirer will be randomly selected each time you begin the contract.

Completing the Lust Assignation Escalation offers up three rewards, including the Scarlet Suit, the Serpent’s Bite and the Serpent’s Tongue. The Scarlet Suit is a red snakeskin suit that is accompanied by matching driving gloves and sunglasses. There are also two new weapons, including the Serpent’s Bite, a remotely detonated explosive shaped like a snake, and the Serpent’s Tongue, a matching crossbow.

There is also a collection of new content available for all Hitman 3 owners. The next location rotation arrives in Marrakesh, following two new targets that were originally released as the third episode in Hitman 1. The environment offers a number of new areas to explore, including crowded markets and an abandoned school. The new location is available from July 27 to Aug. 8.

A new elusive target, the Heartbreaker, arrives in Mendoza on July 30. Your mission is to eliminate Philo Newcom, a wedding planner who messed with the wrong bride and is awaiting his next victim. This new contract will be available until Aug. 9, but you will only have one chance to kill him.

Other content includes the Dartmoor Garden Show, a permanent event arriving on Aug. 5, and a brand new collection of Featured Contracts taken directly from the Hitman community, which will arrive on Aug. 26. For more information on new events, contracts and more, watch the trailer for the Season of Lust below.

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