Watch Five Minutes of Mass Effect: Andromeda Action

Games Video Mass Effect: Andromeda
Watch Five Minutes of Mass Effect: Andromeda Action

Although we don’t know a release date yet, all official signs have pointed to a first quarter 2017 release for Mass Effect: Andromeda. That means, like, within the next two or three months. That’s a big deal for both Mass Effect fans and all the human resources employees who have to keep track of sick days.

This next transaction might ditch the characters we’ve already met and bedded, but if this carefully packaged slice of footage is any indication, it still looks and feels enough like Mass Effect to not alienate anybody who didn’t irrationally flip out at the third game’s climax. It also totally looks like a Yes album cover in spots, continuing what is officially the best recent trend in videogames.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is going to come out when it comes out. In the meantime watch this video and then return to real life business in the interim.

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