Gaming Forum NeoGAF Goes Down After Sexual Assault Allegations Against Site Owner

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Gaming Forum NeoGAF Goes Down After Sexual Assault Allegations Against Site Owner

Frequent visitors of immensely popular gaming forum NeoGAF will find that the website is currently down, after allegations against site owner Tyler “Evilore” Malka surfaced over the weekend. As countless people shared their stories of sexual harassment, assault and abuse as part of the #MeToo movement, one such account recalled an incident with Malka; the post can be read here via Imgur. Since then, around a dozen of NeoGAF’s moderators stepped down from their positions, with multiple users expressing their anger and vowing to quit the forum. As of this writing, NeoGAF is still inaccessible.

Per Kotaku, the allegations were brought up by filmmaker Ima Leupp. In her Facebook post, Leupp describes Malka as making unwanted advances in a hotel shower. Leupp declined to name Malka at first, but eventually implored her followers to “Google Evilore.” Speaking to Kotaku, Leupp stated that her friendship, and a brief physical relationship, resumed after the incident until an eventual falling-out during E3 2015. Leupp told Kotaku that before the shower incident, “I had no reason not to trust him. He had been introducing me to people and helping me network for my film company. I feel gross from having ever been in contact with this person.”

Since then, a user revolt emerged, with forum posts such as the one below:

In addition to the post above, several threads were started by users asking to be permanently banned from the website.

NeoGAF has been a highly visible community for both videogame players and developers since its launch in 2006, succeeding the “Gaming-Age Forums.” Malka in particular is known for his progressive views, being staunchly anti-GamerGate and publicly expressing support for the Paris Agreement. Malka invited the ire of the right when he tweeted a picture of himself shaking hands with then-President Barack Obama.

On the other hand, Malka also spoke strongly against several #MeToo “witch hunt” posts on NeoGAF, banning users who criticized his abrasive approach.

NeoGAF has yet to comment publicly on the matter.

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