Xbox Players Spend More Money Than PS4 Players, Earnings Reports Find

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Xbox vs. PlayStation, the age old rivalry that unites middle school boys and grown men. Although most people just buy their preferred console and go about their lives, some people ponder about which console is better. Although there will never be an objective answer on which console is superior, recent Ubisoft earning reports revealed some interesting information about both gaming systems.

VentureBeat reported that the Xbox One players have a higher average revenue per player than PS4 players. According to Ubisoft’s financial report, an Xbox One owner spends $1.25 for every $1 a PS4 player spends. Although it seems like a minor difference, the fact that Ubisoft’s PS4 game sales vastly outnumber Xbox sales mean this difference is notable and reflects significantly on both consoles.

The PS4 is cheaper than the Xbox One, and this affordable price may attract frugal players who are less likely to spend money on DLC and extra content. Also, owners of the Xbox One may be more prepared to pay more money for content due to the higher price point for Xbox Live membership and accessories they anticipate when they buy the Microsoft console. Regardless, though global Xbox One sales lag behind Sony’s, Microsoft’s higher average revenue per player may mean a greater incentive for game developers for continuous profit on games.

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