PlayStation Plus Games for May Includes Battlefield V, Wreckfest and Stranded Deep

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PlayStation Plus Games for May Includes Battlefield V, Wreckfest and Stranded Deep

Hey y’all, it’s the beginning of a new month which means one thing: New free games on your favorite subscriptions services. This month, PlayStation is offering some cool new games for their PS Plus subscribers.

On PS5, PS Plus subscribers will be able to get their hands on Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Die Last from the creators of the demolition derby series FlatOut. True to those games, it’s also a wonderfully rendered demolition derby game where you’ll be able to race “patched-together cars” before inevitably crashing them into every car standing on your way to the finish line.

On PS4 (and thus backwards compatible on your PS5), PlayStation is offering Battlefield V and Stranded Deep. Battlefield V, which took the series back to WWII, wasn’t exactly a hit when it came out but it stands to reason that PlayStation may be giving this deal as a precursor to an imminent reveal of a new Battlefield installment that’s supposed to come later this year. No better way to see if the series and a new game might be worth the investment than dipping your toes in the last one for free.

Stranded Deep tasks players with having to survive in the ocean, which means it’s already a nightmare. After a crash strands you there, you take to a nearby island where you build a base and forage for supplies. You can also plumb the ocean for supplies but creatures on both the land and sea will present natural obstacles for you to overcome. Yes there even looks like there might be a Kraken-like monster. From the looks of it, you’ll be able to fashion not only bases but makeshift weapons, rafts with engines and even a tiny chopper and plane. What is this, Gilligan’s Island?

It’s not a bad month to be subscribed to PS Plus, and free games are free games, folks. Pick ‘em up and give ‘em a shot!

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