The Pilgrimage Sessions: Will Hoge - "Last Time I Do It, Til I Do It Again"

Music Video Will Hoge
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Pilgrimage Music & Culture Festival celebrated its inaugural event last month, bringing talents like Wilco, Willie Nelson, Charles Bradley and Lucius to Franklin, Tennessee—just a short drive away from Nashville. There was more than enough music to go around, but across the road from the festival grounds, our friends at the festival were working with artists all over the lineup to record a round of intimate sessions in addition to the rowdy sets going on down the road.

Franklin’s own Will Hoge drew a big crowd for his set on the festival grounds, and his three-song session was just as much of a high point. Stream “Last Time I Do It, Till I Do It Again” from his latest release, Small Town Dreams, in the player above. For more about Pilgrimage Music & Culture Festival, check out their website and stay tuned for more music from the weekend.

“Little Bitty Dreams”
“”Through Missing You

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